Dear Valued Customers:

First and foremost we would like to thank you all for your understanding and patience as we navigate through these unforeseen circumstances. We are doing our best in trying to keep our shelves stocked with everyday essentials. Unfortunately, some are out of stock and others have been allocated for each store. Deliveries are coming into the Fargo warehouse daily and we will continue our regular ordering with anticipation of receiving the necessary items to restock our shelves.

We have implemented a new and more aggressive cleaning schedule in our stores to prevent or limit the spread of illnesses. We ask that our customers make the decision to stay home if they are stick or are immune compromised, as this is for the betterment of you, other customers, and our staff.

Thank You,

We Are Here For You

As we navigate through these unforeseen circumstances, we are trying our best, but…we need your cooperation.

Here is a list of things you can help with:

  1. Use Credit, Debit, Gift, and EBT Cards, not CASH. If you need to use cash, please do not ask us to break large bills or to pay for a small purchase. Our bank lobbies are closed and our availability to get cash is limited.
  2. Shop alone, please do not bring children if possible.
  3. Do not congregate, keep the 6 foot distance rule and shop quickly.
  4. We have limited quantities of some items that have been allocated by our suppliers. Please to not try to purchase more than the limited amount, as we do not want any of our customers to go without.
  5. If you are an elderly or immune compromised customer, we ask that you shop early in the day. See your local Miller’s Fresh Foods store for hours.
  6. If you feel ill, please do not shop. Ask a family member or friend to shop for you.
  7. As of now we are restricting the use of Reusable Bags. It is believed that all reusable bags carry bacteria in them. If not disinfected properly they can lead to additional health threats.
  8. We are also limited the use of our plastic bags. We will no longer be putting gallons of milk, 6-packs of pop, or any other item that has a handle on it, into a plastic bag.

We at Miller’s Fresh Foods thank you and appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this Covid-19 uncertainty.