Here at Miller’s Fresh Foods we are doing everything we can to follow all industry and health department guidelines during this COVID – 19 Pandemic.

At store level we are:

  • Installing Sneeze Guards
  • Social Distancing from customers and other employees • Maintaining a continuous and rigorous store sanitizing schedule • Requiring employees to wear masks and encouraging customers to do so as well • Providing hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes to all our valued customers

BE SAFE – FOLLOW THE RULES For our customers, we ask:

  • Shop quickly and alone, do not bring children into the store if possible
  • Have a shopping list and game plan
  •  Use cards instead of cash when possible
  •  Social distance – do not gather
  •  If you are ill, please ask a friend or family member to shop for you
  •  If you are elderly or immune compromised, we encourage you to shop early in the day
  • Do not bring in your reusable bags
  •  Observe our “Limited Quantities” signs
  •  Wash your hands before coming to the store and after arriving back home Please follow the rules so we can continue to serve you.


We Are Here For You

As we navigate through these unforeseen circumstances, we are trying our best, but…we need your cooperation. In recent weeks, COVID-19 cases have once again been on the rise and we need to continue to be mindful of our customers and employees.

In doing so, please remember to follow the rules:

  1. Use Credit, Debit, Gift, and EBT Cards, before using cash if possible. If you need to use cash, please do not ask us to break large bills or to pay for a small purchase.
  2. Shop alone, please do not bring children if possible.
  3. Do not congregate, keep the 6 foot distance rule and shop quickly.
  4. We have limited quantities of some items that have been allocated by our suppliers. Please to not try to purchase more than the limited amount, as we do not want any of our customers to go without.
  5. If you are an elderly or immune compromised customer, we ask that you shop early in the day. See your local Miller’s Fresh Foods page for store hours.
  6. If you feel ill, please do not shop. Ask a family member or friend to shop for you.
  7. We are restricting the use of Reusable Bags.
  8. Employees of Miller’s Fresh Foods are all wearing masks and we encourage our customers to do so as well.

We at Miller’s Fresh Foods thank you and appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this Covid-19 uncertainty.